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Color Consultation: How to choose the paint colors for a room

We'll Help You Pick Your Paint Colors

Do you have your own painting contractor or want to do the painting yourself?  Our Color Consultation Service will show you how to choose the paint colors for a room.

Can’t Decide on Paint Colors?

Paint Chips - Color ConsultationWant to change the look of your room but don’t know what paint colors to choose.  We can help with that!  Sarah Harris Designs has over 25 years experience with painting interiors.  We are experts in color and keep up on the latest trends in interior design.  We’ll work closely to choose colors that not only look great, but will suit your taste and personality.

We’ll Help You Choose Paint Colors

We will come to your home or business and discuss what colors will complement your furnishings.  We will bring multiple color decks and suggest coordinating color combinations that will bring your room to life!  We will take the frustration out of picking your colors and save you time.  We can also discuss different types of paints, and which type is best for your painting project.

We’ll help you solve challenging painting decisions like…

  • paint types & best uses
  • color schemes
  • current decorating trends
  • classic or innovative colors?
  • best practices for application of paint
  • best colors based on style of home
  • accent colors/walls
  • trim/molding colors


When you are satisfied with your colors, we will provide you with the necessary paint chips to bring to the paint store to have your paint mixed.  If you would like us to do the painting, we can provide you with an estimate and set a date to begin work.

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