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Decorative Painting Services

Specialty Finishes that Create a Truly Unique Space

What is Decorative Painting?

Decorative painting is an art form that has been around for centuries, and it involves the application of various techniques and styles to add color, texture, and visual interest to surfaces. This technique is used to enhance the beauty of homes, public spaces, and furniture. Decorative painting can transform ordinary walls and surfaces into beautiful works of art.

One of the most popular techniques in decorative painting is faux painting, which is the art of creating the look of one surface or material on another. Faux painting can simulate the look of various materials such as wood, stone, and marble, and it can be done in a range of styles from subtle to dramatic. Wood graining, marbleizing, and sponging are just a few of the techniques used in faux painting.

Wood graining is a technique that creates the illusion of wood grain on surfaces such as walls, doors, and furniture. This effect can be achieved using various tools such as brushes, combs, and sponges, along with different shades of paint. A skilled artist can create the look of any type of wood, from light oak to dark mahogany.

Marbleizing is another technique that simulates the look of marble, creating the appearance of veins and natural variations. Marbleizing is done using a similar approach to wood graining, using multiple layers of color and a variety of tools to create the desired effect.

Sponging is a technique used to create a textured, mottled effect on walls and other surfaces. This technique involves dabbing a sponge coated in paint onto the surface, creating a pattern that resembles natural stone or other materials.

Stenciling is another popular technique used in decorative painting. This technique involves the use of stencils to create patterns or designs on a surface. Stencils can be made from various materials, such as plastic, cardboard, or metal, and can be used to create a range of designs, from simple geometric shapes to intricate floral or abstract patterns.

Stenciling is often used as an accent or highlight in a room, adding visual interest and a touch of personality to an otherwise plain surface. Stenciling can be done in any color or shade, and it can be customized to match any décor or style.

Trompe l’oeil is a decorative painting technique that creates the illusion of three-dimensional objects on a two-dimensional surface. This technique uses perspective, shadowing, and shading to create the appearance of depth and dimension. Trompe l’oeil can be used to create a range of effects, from creating the appearance of a window or doorway on a flat wall to making a flat ceiling look like a vaulted one.

Murals are another form of decorative painting, and they can be used to transform entire walls and ceilings into works of art. Murals can be painted in a range of styles, from realistic landscapes and scenes to abstract designs and patterns. Murals can be customized to fit any space and any décor style, and they can be used to create a focal point in a room or to add visual interest to a large, flat surface.

Decorative painting is not just limited to walls and ceilings. Furniture and cabinetry can also benefit from decorative painting. For example, a skilled artist can use decorative painting techniques to transform a plain wooden dresser into a work of art. The possibilities are endless when it comes to decorative painting, and with the right technique and style, any surface can become a masterpiece.

Decorative painting is an art form that has been used for centuries to enhance the beauty of spaces and surfaces. Faux painting, stenciling, trompe l’oeil, and murals are just a few of the techniques used in decorative painting, and each one can be customized to fit any space or décor style.

Using various paints, stains and other mediums, our decorative painting services can take an ordinary wall and turn it into something truly special.  It can can transform a common counter top into a stunning slab of Italian marble.   It can give the illusion of an expensive wood grain to a simple plaster post.  And all this can be achieved with just paint and the skill of decorative paint artist!

Our Decorative Painting Services

Sarah Harris Designs offers a wide variety of decorative painting techniques, from specialty finishes to faux material textures.  For over 25 years, we have been transforming spaces into works of functional art, each one created uniquely for you.  We are dedicated to providing the highest quality custom painting and will work work closely with you to achieve your vision.

Some of our decorative painting services include…

  • Faux wood graining, marbleizing, stone work and verdigris
  • Antiquing, patina, crackling, glazing
  • Venetian plaster
  • Stenciling
  • German Smear
  • Gold and metal leaf
  • Murals
  • Sponging and ragging
  • Textures such as linen, denim, leather, suede

Contact us today to discuss how we can create a unique paint treatment for your home or business.  We offer free estimates.

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